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The production of a costume by ANNAMODE COSTUMES is the result of a detailed project.

In the best handcrafted Italian tradition, the costume is based on an idea and on its elaboration from a sketch, after verifiying feasibility using modern CAD systems. Then the clever hands of the craftsmen and women create the final product. Any further special pictorial processes, as well as ageing, are then carried out to ensure the actor’s best interpretation of the character to be played. More than 60 years’ experience permits us to deliver a high quality product in a short time and respecting a given budget.

No job is too big or too small for Annamode Costumes and for this reason, even if you are not a professional in the business, do not hesitate to contact us for any tailoring need. You will find not only courtesy and professional advice, but also ideas and collaboration.

Try our new service eCOSTUMES and there will be no end to your inspiration. Surfing through various historical periods, you will have access to thousands of dresses, outfits and all types of accessories. The wide range of models available together with the quality warranted by our name will guarantee success.

Choose to dress like a star, by the firm that has dressed stars for the last 60 years.


ANNAMODE COSTUMES offers the costume designer every possibility to work quickly and well.

Our new 3,000 sqare meter open space, divisible according to the size of the project, ensures the easy preparation of costumes chosen from our warehouse which is divided according to historical period.

We offer both artistic and sartorial consultancy in the choice of costumes with the possibility of immediate substitution on the basis of change in requirements.

All our products are coded and stored in a database which allows us to deliver even large detailed orders in a very short time.

Our new eCOSTUMES service permits the costume designer to go into our warehouse from any part of the world, 24 hours a day, prepare and save a wishing-list to be sent to Annamode Costumes.

A detailed photographic database is continuously updated.

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The eCOSTUMES website allows individuals to request specific outfits for special events, ceremonies or fancy dress parties.

AnnamodeCostumes is not only production and hire.

The artistic department is in continuous production and Annamode is thus able to renew constantly models on offer.

It can produce single items which are perfect historical reconstructions based on our extensive internal library. Many of these new creations are made for direct sale either to the entertainment industry or to private individuals, groups, (series,?) as historical uniforms and for whole Operas.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any requirement – AnnamodeCostumes staff will adapt the costumes available according to your needs.

ANNAMODE COSTUMEStailor’s shop, costumes

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Macchinisti, attrezzisti, elettricisti, segretarie di edizione, ispettori di produzione, aiuti-regista, aiuti degli aiuti, fonici, giraffisti, scenografi, fotografi di scena, gruisti, truccatori, costumiste, operatori, ciacchisti, sarte; e poi ancora: rumoristi, titolisti, doppiatori e montatori. Un esercito di formichine che ha fatto il cinema italiano. A loro va il mio ringraziamento di cinefilo.   (Luciano De Crescenzo)

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