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Cinecittà Studiosmovie and television studios

The legendary Cinecittà Studios have been turning dreams into reality since 1937.

For almost 80 years – its birthday is on April 28, 2017 – Cinecittà has been the ideal place where works by directors from all over the world made cinema history.

Since 2011 the Studios have also been a sought-after tourist destination attracting thousands of visitors, as well as a prestigious venue for hosting corporate events.

In recent years, Cinecittà has grown to become a vast and even more established cinema complex, including over 20 sound stages, a 300-acre backlot, modern sound stages, located even in Morocco, sophisticated post-production services and a rental company for state-of-the-art filming equipment.

In 2011, Cinecittà also began executive producing films for major international clients willing to shoot in Rome and in Italy. Cinecittà also acts as an intermediary to ensure the appropriate application of the new tax credit regulations for the benefit of foreign productions.

Thanks to its in-depth knowledge of the sector and the clear mission of audio-visual production services, Cinecittà Studios are unique and able to actively carry out ambitious projects but are also supportive of smaller productions whose companies are aware of the level of professionalism and reliability they can find in the facilities on Via Tuscolana.

Cinecittà Studios is the future, standing by the people who create dreams.


Since 2011, Cinecittà Studios have opened their doors to the public, giving life to the permanent exhibition “Cinecittà Shows Off,” an interesting show which unveils the secrets of cinema through the story of Cinecittà.

Cinecittà Studiosmovie and television studios

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A Cinecittà si lavora con particolare piacere e concentrazione, e questo vale tanto per il regista quanto per gli attori ed il resto delle maestranze. ( Ettore Scola)

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