digital effects, post production

Thanks to Mauela Cacciamani who is the CEO / Executive Producer of the d2b, the company nowadays has established production offices in Rome and Latina, with a large staff of creative artists and technicians who ensure a high production rate without, however, jeopardizing the excellent quality of the final product.

From its inception in 1997, Direct2Brain immediately began to explore the growing possibilities offered by multimedia technology, dealing with all aspects of post production: from consultancy, to supervision on the set, from the production of digital visual effects, to the realization of a color correct final product.

During the past years, the company’s activities have grown considerably and today they embrace the full range of production instruments used to integrate both live filming as well as 3D animation and post-production technologies.

More specifically: visual and interactive communication, special effects, character animation, set extensions, virtual reality environments, multimedia applications, dynamic web sites, world-wide commercials, music videos and corporate movies.

The high quality approach towards the production and the accuracy of the results achieved is proved by a long series of national and international recognitions.

Video production: We are able to manage the entire line of production of your video, even if it is a musical video, a documentary or a promo. We have the ideas and the knowledges to manage with different requirements in order to translate them into visual art.

Digital illustrations: Over the last few years we have realized most of the digital art work masterpieces produced in Italy.

We are also specialized in the production of stereoscopic images.

Applications for iPhones/iPads: We have recently implemented an R&D Applications department able to develop unconventional marketing and communication strategies through iPhone and iPad applications.

We are able to create a personalized product and assist clients in the publication and promotion of the applications on Apple Store.

DIRECT2BRAINdigital effects, post production

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    00175 Roma
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A differenza di tutte le altre forme d’arte, il cinema è in grado di cogliere e rendere il passaggio del tempo, per fermarlo, quasi a possederlo in infinito. Direi che il film è la scultura del tempo.  (Andrej Tarkovskij)

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