hats, armor, masks, accessories, costumes, puppets

The Maurizio Bazar firm was established in Rome in 1960 by Maurizio Stamigna.

In its 50 year history the firm has worked with the most important national and international Opera Houses and for major film and television productions.

The Workshop is best known as one of the most important makers of hats of all types and periods for men and women, both military and civilian and specializes in the crafting of leather and hides into cuirasses and armour of any period in history.

Over the years the workshop’s production has branched out into other specialized areas that support traditional tailoring, such as the making and sewing of all sorts of feather items, the processing of latex and foam rubber for mask-making, and conventional tailoring of modern garments and period costumes.

By submitting a sketch or on the basis of any other graphic design, our firm can produce the costume, be it classical or very special, and also has a large store of items for rent that can be viewed on our internet website: including costume accessories, head gear, small props and costumes of all kinds.

MAURIZIO BAZARhats, armor, masks, accessories, costumes, puppets

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“Il cinema è la scrittura moderna il cui inchiostro è la luce.”   (Jean Cocteau)

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