hats, armor

Pieroni is the best known and most experienced handicraft company in the world specializing in the production of headwear, armour and screen and stage accessories.

The company was established in the 40s and, thanks to their close cooperation with the most renowned costume designers, Pieroni has received international acclaim and many Academy Awards.

The close cooperation between Hollywood and Pieroni, became stronger over the years, so much so that in most Italian and international historical films, the headwear and armour used was been crafted by the Pieroni Workshop.

Pieroni is to date a hallmark of quality production for films, for items handmade by a artisans with maby years of experience, for research work and faithful historical reconstruction.

The headwear and the stage and screen accessories produced by the Pieroni workshop play a vital role in providing autghenticity to every film.

PIERONIhats, armor

Official site  www.laboratoriopieroni.it

Fare un film. Significa migliorare la vita, sistemarla a modo proprio, significa prolungare i giochi dell’infanzia.  (François Truffaut) 

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