Rocchetti is at the center of the art of highly personalized custom wigs and hairpieces for over 100 years. Artists who have worn our creations include Al Pacino, Sophia Loren, Robert De Niro, Nicole Kidman, Robert Duvall and Monica Bellucci.

Today, this same attention to detail is available to customers outside of the entertainment industry. To know more about the beautiful quality of our wigs and hair pieces for everyday use or special occasions, come and see with your own eyes the extensive inventory of creations available.


In 1874, Giuseppe Rocchetti establishes Parrucche Rocchetti in Largo del Pozzo delle Cornacchie, in Rome. Work is mostly for theatre.

In the early 1900s, his son Manlio, after perfecting his wig-making craftsmanship in Paris, becomes the head designer and make-up artist for Rome’s Regio Teatro dell’Opera, moving the studio to Via Monte della Farina, where he will work for the rest of his life.

During WWII, Mrs. Vittoria (Manlio’s widow) takes on the helm of the company, aided by her workers, that are soon to become among the most successful and well-known wig-makers and hair stylists in the history of Italian cinema.

In 1948, management of the studio is taken up by Silvano Rocchetti, Manlio’s third son; who with thanks to the untiring assistance of wife Fernanda, sister-in-law Luigina Centi, and sister Fiamma, give new impetus to the company. At this time, Goffredo, (make-up) and Mara, (hair) work continuously on films that attain world success.

In 1970, an encounter with Rino Carboni gives birth to Rocchetti & Carboni, including an acquisition of the Maggi and Palombi wig-labs, making the company one of the industry’s most important contributors on an international level.

In 1996, following Mr. Carboni’s death, the wig-lab returns to being managed solely by the Rocchetti family.

In 2002, a larger headquarters is established in Via Gregorio VII, Rome. It now features one of the largest collections of wigs in the entire world.

Today with the help of brother Luigi, Manlio Rocchetti is at the helm of Rocchetti Parrucche, bringing with him over 40 years of experience on productions around the world.


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Il cinema è la nuova letteratura.  (Cecil Blount De Mille)

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