Peruzzi Art Costumes, dream costumes. A family-run tradition both great Italian and foreign directors respect.

Talent, culture and technique, three words to describe its key to success, carrying on since the nineteenth century, becoming international with time. Peruzzi Art Costumes is a symbol of Italian craftsmanship, a guarantee of quality for theater, opera, cinema and TV. This Roman tailor shop sewed unique costumes, made for actors that made the whole world’s public dream. Clothes that contributed to highlight an atmosphere, an epoch, that helped mark a gesture, the look of an artist, fastening it to the memory of the beholders. The experience of the firm stood out in Ridley Scott’s ‘The Duellists’, awarded the Palme d’Or at Cannes in1977 and the Davide di Donatello. A recognition deserved especially for the care of details in the costumes by Tom Rand, that worked all along with the Peruzzi master craftsmen in order to satisfy the demanding director. The obsession of Scott for details is manifest in landscapes, lights, colors, true Pre-Raphaelite tasting canvases that help stand out both the frowning Harvey Keithel, wrapped in the greatcoat of an unshakeable Napoleonic official and Keith Carradine, moderate and hopeful, an aristocrat non-commissioned officer, dressed in light uniforms and forced to endure through 17 duels the outdated concept of honor peculiar to the unshakable follower of Napoleon. Royal sabres, textiles reproduced according to the period’s weft of the fabric, then put aside for solutions favorable to the actors’ moving, keeping the effect, all what’s necessary to have the public sinking into an accurate reconstruction of the French Empire at its sunset. The film shot 40 years ago keeps intact the charm of its first coming out on the screens, it’s a masterpiece of beauty outcome of an important collaboration between production and Peruzzi. In 2007 Peruzzi sewed the precious costumes wanted by the award-winning Milena Canonero for‘I vicerè’ by Roberto Faenza. The joint venture of the atelier with leading directors are numerous, ‘Gangs of New York’ by Scorzese, ‘Siberian Education’ by Salavotores, ‘Anna Karenina’ for the TV, the series ‘The Borgias’, we could go on like that for a long time, as goes on Peruzzi’s tradition, always renewed, to help dreams sprout their wings.

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