Motion pictures in uniforms. War wears Nori.

Sixty years in a uniform. Nori Costume Shop, long family experience behind and a big passion for TV and cinema, realizes and rents out military uniforms, decors, war equipment and props, vintage ones included. It offers know-how aknowledged in Italy and abroad, the professionalism of its craft makes it a trusted partner for military forces and police but a reference point as well for the international dream factory. Who uses film cameras to narrate crime dramas or the war finds this studio to be the answer to the will to transform fiction into reality: it is the power of details and the perfection of the smallest things that gives the images their momentum and make them look real and credible, contributing to the success of a TV or cinematographic title. Spike Lee came in contact with the Costume Shop before shooting ‘Miracle at St. Anna’, 2008 movie inspired by the Sant’Anna di Stazzema massacre, 4 soldiers of the 92nd Infantry Division fighting on the Gothic Line are the protagonists. Gabriele Salvatores helped himself with Nori for his lucky ‘Siberian Education’ (2013) from a novel by Nicolai Lilin, a triumph of uniforms, tattoos and weapons that seduced audiences from all over the world. The Costume Shop Nori, example of made in Italy craftsmanship that still preserves and hands down its skills to new expert craftsmen, Nori collaborated with several lucky TV series, from the popular ‘Don Matteo’ to ‘RIS – Delitti imperfetti’ to ‘Carabinieri’, leading various followed TV season on Canale5 and played on life and love adventures of the soldiers based in the small town of Pieve. Among the successful partnership we don’t forget TV productions like ‘Il peccato e la vergogna’ directed by Luigi Parisi e Alessio Inturri, two seasons started in 2010 and aired on Canale5, a drama set in the fascist era and after war period, featuring among the protagonists the ‘meanest’ Gabriel Garco and Manuela Arcuri.

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