Tirelli 50 a closet of dreams. A book on the successful history of the tailoring house that dressed actors and singers from all around the world.

180 000 stage costumes, 15 thousands original clothes given back to beauty and 16 Oscars won. These are the numbers of Tirelli Costumes, a famous name around the world having dressed during the last 50 years actors and singers for cinema, theater, opera and TV. Arthouse needles and scissors, love for the detail, the quest for fabrics, accessories and rare pieces, basic ingredients of the atelier’s international success narrated in the book ‘Tirelli 50 – closet of dreams’, edited by Masolino, Silvia and Caterina d’Amico. Feather in the cap of made in Italy for cinema and theater, the atelier is not limited to manufacture the stage costumes but loan part of those guarded in the warehouse, a real museum because of the long and rich professional experience. Three films, ‘King Arthur’ by Guy Ritchie, ‘The Promise’ byTerry George, and ‘Antonia’ byFerdinando Cito Marino are among the most recent productions Tirelli collaborated with, confirming, thanks to its staff know-how, how much the good result of a joint venture and of a director can be traced back to the seek of quality into the details in the sphere of the strict relation between costume designer and artisans of manufacturing. Umberto Tirelli, that passed away in 1990, left a legacy taken over by Dino Trappetti, his associate and friend. He experienced an enthusiastic beginning of his career side by side with one of the greatest Italian directors, Luchino Visconti, for whom he did the 2000 costumes for ‘Il gattopardo’ signed by Pitro Tosi, Lifetime Achievement Oscar Award in 2014. The name of the tailoring house born in ’64 is connected to memorable films like ‘Amadeus’ by Milos Forman, ‘La famiglia’ by Ettore Scola ‘Once Upon a Time in America’ by Sergio Leone and coming to recent times, the award winning ‘The Tale of Tales’ by Matteo Garrone. Between the big screen and the stage, behind the scenery flat where Tirelli begun his career, is to be found a number of titles that involved his person. Films and grand opera among which both the cinematographic version of ‘La traviata’ by Franco Zeffirelli with costumes by Tosi (1983) and the other “dressed” by Gabriella Pascucci and directed by the maestro Riccardo Muti in 1990. Enthusiastic, dynamic, as it was said of him on several occasions, U. Tirelli worked side by side with costumers from different generations, like Danilo Donati, Maurizio Millenotti, Massimo Cantini Parrini or Carlo Poggioli and Alessandro Lai. A tireless lover of his work up to the point of having left to his atelier a know-how directors like Scorzese and Bertolucci took advantage of and helped affirm Giuseppe Tornatore that once in the atelier said “Anything you touch here, you touch an important season of our cinema history.”

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