Wall Records, creativity in the service of musicians, artists and writers.

Wall records based in Turin is an independent record label, it produces, records, launches records and books, organizes events, works with accomplished and brand new talents. It started to develop musical scores. Expert at wrapping radio and TV formats it handles e-commerce and socials, showing to be an partner able on on-line communication, very much appreciated by a young target accustomed to surf the web. A task force of specialists of which Dante Muto, art director of the Nuovo Araldo Theater, is a member. The theater is added value to the label and is employed to allow room for a team of artists that lately has been augmented with the pianist Luca Pozzi and the guitarist and composer Giorgio Murto. The motto is ‘Stay Tune’, always connected to the novelties of an ever changing scene, it committed among others to the production of Stewav’s single and to ‘Ad un passo da te’ by Emanuele Lucas that appeared at X-Factor and is the protagonist of a video shot in order to encourage the passionate talent for singing and theater. The label combines videos, inescapable promotional tools for those choosing an art career, with customized projects for the record release. Different methods but same goal to make visible young writers such as Simone Cutri, blogger endowed with refined writing as shown in its “Agosto oltre mare”, 31 episodes to file on the thread of melancholy a soul’s summer. Books, records, communication campaigns, radio, TV and stage productions. Comedy show are one of Wall Record’s creative charms. The label also plays in the international arena and among its collaborations boasts that with the Film Commission foundation, whose aim is to promote the region Piedmont and its state capital as a location of excellence for TV and cinema production.

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