Cinecitta exhibits

To be eighty years young. Cinecitta celebrates its next birthday the 28th of April and this is the international dream factory since 1937, now open for the public thanks to the project “Cinecitta si mostra”. It’s the place of guided tours for both children and adults willing to loose themselves into the history of cinema and walk among most famous sets made immortal by the big screen, it’s the location where to arrange public or private themed events. But the city of cinema is overall a competitive European institution, with a long story behind it and a present ever evolving.

With studios and state-of-the-art services for cinema and TV, Cinecittà is the ideal partner for Italian and foreign organizations. We add to the rental of wide spaces and cutting-edge technologies to realize cinema and TV the value of brokering for the application of favourable tax credit for productions from abroad. The four productive centers present in Rome, Terni and Morocco, the army of scenic design artisans and Digital factory, made in Italy center born in 2009, famous all over Europe for its post productions, not least the dubbing and the making of special effects, are Cinecittà’s backbone. Only in Rome the studios take 400 thousands square meters, they are the heart of the show-business fitting to shoot movies, fictions, spots, videoclips, tv programmes. An ever evolving world, immersed into the legend that made its success and not only in the past times. Memorable the scenic designs for “Baron Münchhausen”, a fantastic dimension but real such as the thirties’ atmosphere in “Once Upon a Time in America”, the perfect nineteenth-century reconstruction of “Gangs of New York” or that of “The English Patient”, touching and mysterious love story that made the whole world cry. Great directors between past and present from Fellini to Visconti from Coppola to Scorzese to Minghella, just to say a few names, choose Cinecittà, a security also to “Doctor Who”, science fiction set in the Pompeii era, the reality “Big Brother” and the very followed series “Rome”.

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