The project

The project

The 16th edition of the International ‘Cinearti La Chioma di Berenice’ Award is enriched by an international project supported by ITA-Italian Trade Agency and the Ministry of Economic Development.

The CIACnet objective is to organize the small businesses and SME sector involved in the movie industry and facilitate the encounter between demand an supply of accessories, armor, clothing, costumes, digital effects, footwear, furniture, jewels, musical editions, post production, puppets, special transportation, tailor’s shop, television productions, radio productions, translation and wigs.

CNA aims at giving voice to a niche sector that has made our Country famous throughout the world with a project named CIACNET: a name chosen to remind us of the need to connect companies that work in the movie sector, meet market challenges together and protect the interests of an industry that has been neglected for too long.

The audiovisual sector in the supply chain includes small artisan businesses that make a significant contribution to the industry. According to the last ISTAT (the Italian National Statistics Institute) census in 2001:

There was an increase in the audiovisual industry between the two censuses (taken in 1991 and 2001), with a turnover close to 1.5 billion Euros, as established by research data collected in 2010. However, the audiovisual sector’s contribution to the growth of the national economy is based mainly on small and medium-sized enterprises; there are over 250,000 craftsmen and professionals, working in the film and entertainment industry, who contribute in a fundamental way to local development throughout the entire country.

The audiovisual sector therefore plays a significant role in economic dynamics. Nevertheless, it suffers from a competitive gap compared to its competitors (both at EU level, for example Great Britain, and the USA), also as a result of the excessive disruption that prevents having a single and strong representative that defends the interests of the category in front of the Institutions.

The aim of the CIACNET project is therefore to internationalize the enterprises working in the cinema industry, and particularly the Italian artisans, already working on an international level but in a discontinuous manner and without institutional support. For roughly sixteen years now, CNA has been offering an award to those professionals who distinguished themselves in productions, both Italian and foreign.

The Italian movie industry, as we all know, is facing a serious crisis, and many historical companies have been using ‘social shock absorbers’ to get by. It is necessary to take action to find new market opportunities and consolidate those where these companies are already but without continuity. In this regard, USA and Great Britain are main markets, due to the importance of the production companies in these countries: the ITA/CAN project has therefore included a selection of journalists who will attend The Chioma di Berenice Award and visit some of the Italian Companies involved.

Ciacnet web site will give continuity to all of these promotional activities and support to the sector, as a permanent showcase of the Italian companies and their expertise.

Ciacnet web site will give continuity to all of these promotional activities and support to the sector, as a permanent showcase of the Italian companies and their expertise.

Non c’è nessuna forma d’arte come il cinema per colpire la coscienza, scuotere le emozioni e raggiungere le stanze segrete dell’anima.  (Ingmar Bergman)

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